Cooking in Paris can be one of the best ways to understand French culture and all of its influences.  At Sacrebleu Paris, our clients are always invited to the most exclusive events and this time we worked with Cuisine Elegante who welcomes guests to learn about French cuisine along with other styles of cooking.



With the help of Chef and friend Soumia Khalil, this time guests were taken through each step of a traditional Moroccan meal with the added detail of French gastronomy provided by hostess Véronique Dagneau Bawol.  The menu consisted of an Eggplant Zaalouk (a traditional Moroccan dipping sauce), Baba Ganoush, and a Chicken Tagine served with fermented lemons and olives.  



Our class consisted of both anglophones and French speakers so the course was conducted in English to accommodate visitors. It was a great opportunity to meet other travelers and locals while cooking together.



From champagne with zaalouk, to hand selected wine with the main course, the guests helped to prepare each stage of the meal along with the expertise of the chef and hostess.  The experience has proved to be one of our favorite ways to have a lunch party.


by  Lauren Green | SACREBLEU PARIS