Le Ballroom Du Beefclub


Underneath the Beefclub (a place we recommend trying steak and lobster), is a secret black door with a staircase that leads you to an underground bar where swanky couches and dim lights take you back to the 20s. This classic speakeasy is run by the Experimental Cocktail Club who are known for their artisan mixology throughout the city.  Go on Tuesdays and the weekends and expect to see a live band or DJ cranking out tunes all night long.



Address: 58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 7PM - 2AM, Friday & Saturday: 7PM - 4AM


Don’t plan on looking for a Moonshiner sign when searching for this speakeasy. You’ll only find it tucked away behind Da Vito Pizzeria in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Sticking true to the spirit of speakeasies, this bar  has an entrance the uninformed would never suspect. A walk-in fridge (yes, you walk through a fridge) leads you from a bustling pizza joint to a low-lit vintage jazz bar. You’ll want to try their whiskey cocktails mixed up by their master concocters.


Gentlemen 1919


At first glance, Gentlemen 1919 may look like a daytime barber shop perfectly located near the Champs Élysées.  Stay a little longer and you’ll soon realize that this gentlemen’s haven is actually a nighttime bar that is serving some of the most Instagrammable drinks in the city. Focusing on a selection of whiskies (over 50), the speakeasy pays homage to the year 1919 when the United States first began prohibition with its take on 20th century cocktails.


Address: 11 Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 11AM - 2AM


Bar 1905


Once reaching its address, the entrance looks only like a wine bistro at first glance, but look to the right of the bistrot Vins des Pyrénées and you’ll see a wooden staircase that leads you down to an old cellar. This cellar that was only recently transformed in 2017 from its original state in 1905 is the vintage Bar 1905 where velvet armchairs and old paintings create a Belle Epoque atmosphere.  Try their Zelda cocktail or Homme pressé, the two house favorites!


Address: 25 Rue Beautreillis, 75004 Paris

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 6PM - 2AM

Photo Credit: Villa Schweppes


By Lauren Green / Sacrebleu Paris