Alain Ducasse Cooking Class

Alain Ducasse Cooking Class

We were recently invited to try yet another cooking class in the city and this time it was at Ecole Cuisine Alain Ducasse.  The contemporary school is located in Paris’ calm and mostly residential 16th arrondissement with modern yet warm classrooms that make for a really inviting environment.  Our class was scheduled as the English lunch class and that we would be making fish, though the school offers a variety of savory and sweet cooking classes.

With an intimate class of only four, we were each given our aprons by Chef Julian Mercier from Tours who has been working for Alain Ducasse for more than 8 years in more than 5 countries.   He brought out the fresh produce and seafood and explained that we would be making Pollock Fish and Shellfish Marnières, a menu item that can be found at Alain Ducasse restaurants until next season. In fact, all of the Alain Ducasse Cooking School’s menu items come directly from their restaurants and are chosen based on their success rate and practicality. This means that you might be able to recreate some of the dishes you’ve tried before.

The best thing about these classes is that the chefs are somehow able to translate professional French cooking techniques to anyone at any skill level. We were taught how to filet an entire 12kg fish and deshelled four different kinds of shellfish native to northern France.  Chef Julian was patient enough to help through these techniques and even taught us some French along the way. The cooking class not only offers English cooking classes from five star restaurant locations, but even offers classes for youngsters looking to get their hands dirty.

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Written by Lauren Green