Macarons at Alain Ducasse Cooking School

Macarons at Alain Ducasse Cooking School

As many of you know by now, us girls at Sacrebleu Paris pride ourselves on trying all of the different sightseeing and private activities that Paris has to offer. This allows us to scope out the best offers while also staying up to date with our partners.

Linking up with local cooking classes have become some of the most sought after activities for our guests so we decided to dig further to find out what other cuisine showcases the city is cooking up. After trying the Ritz macaron class more than twice, we decided to see what our friends at Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse had to offer.

Photo taken by Lauren Green Photo taken by Lauren Green

Much like the Ritz, our menu was composed of two house recipes that cannot be found outside of the school despite being an Alain Ducasse institution. We were told that we would first be creating an almond cherry macaron and then a traditional macaron in order to have a balanced variety for the day. This class was scheduled specifically during l’heure du goûter, a time reserved for something sweet before dinner. 

Photos taken by Lauren Green Photos taken by Lauren Green

Though filled with frequent and experienced student-chefs, the class also had two little ones who were curious to get their hands dirty. At Alain Ducasse they allow children as young as 7 years old to participate in the class as long as a parent or guardian is present. This is an incredible opportunity for families to learn French cuisine together since its tailored to have different levels of cooks in one kitchen. Did we mention that we also got to eat our sweet successes with a fresh glass of cider (and juice for the kiddies) after? Oh the French and their joie de vivre...

To find out more about our cuisine experiences or how you can add cooking classes like these to your Sacrebleu Paris itinerary, contact us directly to begin your creating your own bespoke schedule.