CSAO Boutique Paris

CSAO Boutique Paris

At the age of 16, French native Valérie Schlumberger moved to Senegal leading her to create a clothing workshop that changed her life and the life of many others as well. Originally the clothing shop was created in Dakar, with the first shop opening on the island of Gorée. In the ten years that Valérie spent working and managing her clothing line she met all of the best dyers, embroiderers, weavers, painters, etc. through out West Africa.

Valérie has now returned to Paris bringing along with her the knowledge, relationships, and craftsmanship she acquired during her time. She founded CSAO (Compagnie du Senegal and West Africa) as well as ASAO (Association for Senegal and West Africa) and opened her first ever Parisian boutique! The boutique offers beautiful, handmade furniture, accessories, decor, and bags as well as some fragrance and beauty items. All of the incredible items are handmade by women previously living without income or insecure occupations that can now provide stability due to their talent and training. 

You can purchase items from the CSAO line in their Parisian shop at 9 rue Elzévir, 75003 - in the heart of the Marais! CSAO's items can also be found through their collaborators at Sézane, Louboutin, Le Bon Marché, and Merci Concept Shop. The line is also available for purchase through their website at Be a part of the link that Valérie has built between France and West Africa by sharing noble ancestral traditions and exquisite pieces of art all the while supporting the women; the artists that have created these works.