The Best Christmas Markets in Paris and Where to Find Them

The Best Christmas Markets in Paris and Where to Find Them

Every winter in the City of Light, around 20 Marchés de Noël open around the city. These picturesque markets are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and find unique food, drinks, and gifts all in one place. We have created a little list for you of some of our favourite markets, the festivities taking place, and where to find them for you!


1st Arrondissement 

The Marché de Noël at des Halles is one of the largest in all of Paris. There are festivities here fitted for children and adults alike. Explore the market's traditional stalls filled with classic French specialties such as Vin Chaud (hot mulled wine), saucisson, foie gras, regional cheese, nuts, terrines, crepes, and more. Children can take part in a workshop dedicated to writing letters to Père Noël (Santa Claus) or search for his house in Christmas tree maze of the Enchanted Forest. There are an abundance of sparkling lights and lighted reindeer that make this market especially magical at night time. After you've explored the market, check out what the Forum des Halles has to offer as well. 

Location: forum des halles, 101 porte berger
Metro Line RER (A,B,D), 1, 4, 7, 11, & 14 : les Halles, châtelet
Opening Dates: 14 november- 29 december 2019
Photo by sortiraparis Photo by sortiraparis


6th Arrondissement 

Compared to the 75 chalets (stalls) at the market at des Halles, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés market is significantly smaller with around 25 chalets. However, we love this market for it's specialisation in luxury items such as fine jewellery, handmade leather items, liquor filled chocolates, and dreamy scented candles. You can also still enjoy all of the classic Christmas market finds like Vin Chaud and roasted chestnuts. Before or after the market, take in the famous Saint-Germain-des-Près church, have dinner at one of the fabulous surrounding restaurants, or, if you haven't gotten enough of your holiday fix, you can continue on to the Saint-Sulpice Marché de Noël just walking distance away.

LOCATION: blvd saint-germain (next to saint-germain-des-prés church)
METRO LINE: saint-germain-des-prés
OPENING DATES: 14 november- 29 december 2019
Photo by Loic Largarde Photo by Loic Largarde


La Défense Marché de Noël is the largest Christmas market in the Paris region! This market, setup along the Esplanade at La Défense, hosts around 350 chalets. There are countless speciality items available from all over France (and even some Spanish style food as well). Whether you're looking for holiday decor for your home, traditional food/drink, special gifts, or activities for the kids, this market has got you covered. Wind through the isles of home goods, handmade leather items, fine jewellery, clothing, holiday goods, pop-up restaurants and other unique items from local vendors. There will also be a small petting zoo with miniature donkeys and children can take their photo with Père Noël! 

LOCATION: esplanade de la défense
METRO LINE RER A, 1: Grande Arche de la défense
OPENING DATES: 21 november- 29 DECEMBER 2019
Photo by sortiraparis Photo by sortiraparis


7th Arrondisement 

This Christmas market is especially sparkly from its near proximity to the Iron Lady herself. The market lines up next to the Champs de Mars giving you the perfect opportunity to discover all of the holiday festivities that accompany Paris Christmas markets while also visiting the absolutely must see Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars. After the market, explore the neighbourhood streets of the 7th arrondissement. 

LOCATION: champs de mars, eiffel tower
METRO LINE 6, 9, 8: alma-marceau, bir-hakeim, ECOLE MILITARIE
OPENING DATES: 20 december- 5 jauary 2020


5th Arrondisement 

This Christmas market offers gorgeous back drops of the medieval towers of the Notre-Dame cathedral. It is located on the Left Bank of the Seine in the Square Viviani. Specailizing in French made artisan crafts and arts, this is a great market to visit to find exceptional gourmet food. Grab a glass of Vin Chaud and some holiday snacks as you leisurely search for the perfect gifts and accessories. The market also occasionally adds live performances from musicians and Père Noël is known to make special appearances. 

LOCATION: Square René-Viviani on quai montebello
METRO LINE RER (B,C), 4, 10: saint-michel, maubert-mutualité
OPENING DATES: 13 december- 29 december 2019
Photo by Loic Lagarde Photo by Loic Lagarde


1st Arrondisement

The Champs-Élysées no longer hosts a Christmas market, but luckily La Magie de Noël (The Magic of Christmas) market at the Tuileries Garden hosts a slightly smaller version of this famous Christmas market. About 100 chalets will be setup at this location next to the Louvre with a multitude of French products as well as Vin Chaud, wines, roasted chestnuts and other holiday favourites. You can also find winter activities such as ice skating and entertaining carnival rides. Before or after the market, explore the gardens or the Louvre!

LOCATION: jardin des tuileries (tuileries garden)
METRO LINE RER 1,8,12: concorde, tuileries
OPENING DATES: 15 november- 5 january 2020
Photo by Solo Sophie Photo by Solo Sophie


18th Arrondissement 

Located in Montmartre, this is a great market to visit if you want to miss the crowds of some of the large Christmas markets in the city. There are several chalets offering classic holiday food, drink, and decor. It is a great opportunity to try some of the French holiday treats and find unique handmade gifts! The market is also conveniently located near the iconic quartier where several famous artists spent their time in Paris. Today, artists still fill these quartiers and you can explore the streets filled with art work as well as Sacré-Coeur. 

LOCATION: montmartre (near the abbesses butte metro station)
METRO LINE 12: abbesses Butte Montmartre 
OPENING DATES: december 2019 (dates to be confirmed)
Photo by Cadet Residence Photo by Cadet Residence

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